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MWSA Bernina Software Club is scheduled for Monday, March 20, 2017

10:00 AM - NOON
The topics covered will include opening and inserting designs, and changing colors.
The March Coaster Project will feature Couching an Embroidery Design using the V8 Software.
A special Software Coaster FatQuarter Bundle will be available for purchase at club.

Our monthly software club is for Bernina V7 and V8 Software users, with an emphasis on V8.
Please bring your laptop with Bernina Software V7 or V8 installed, so you can practice the lessons during club.

No laptop?  Please come anyway, and take notes, so you can practice at home on your desktop.
We want everyone with the software to be able to use it to insert multiple designs, change colors, rearrange designs, and create new embroidery designs.

Finally, Software Club Stamp Cards will be handed out at the March Club meeting.
You will receive a stamp for each of the 12 Coaster Embroidery Projects you complete.
At the end of the year, if you have 12 Stamps, you can use it to buy $12 in product at Merrily's.